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Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas Set the Internet on Fire With Rap Battle

One is Canadian. The other is American. They are both critical names in the world of pop culture and of course world hip hop. The one is Daystar Peterson, also known as Tory Lanez 26; and the other is Gary Maurice “Joyner” Lucas, 30.

A rap battle erupted between the duo days back, and it has been a lyrical back and forth between them. But it is a playful battle with no malice intended, as Tory Lanez and  Joyner Lucas are fans of each other.

They said that much during an Instagram live session on Wednesday November 21.


The rap battle actually began when Tory Lanez, the “Loud Pack” crooner, claimed  Joyner Lucas wasn’t on the same level as him. Joyner Lucas challenged Tory Lanez to a rap battle and he agreed, responding with his “Lucky You” freestyle.

Joyner Lucas had his Kalashnikov ready and fired off a diss freestyle aimed at Tory Lanez, titled “Litty Freestyle.”

Tory Lanez was apparently expecting the fire. Within hours, he had fired off another Joyner Lucas diss, “Litty Again Freestyle,” a play on the title of Lucas’s freestyle.

It was Lucas’s turn to respond, and he wasn’t slack with it. He dropped another Tory Lanez diss titled “ZeZe.” The cover art for the freestyle showed Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez marooned on an island. Tory Lanez was on his feet, with Lucas, the “I’m Not Racist” mastermind, towering over him.

Source: Joyner Lucas/ Instagram

Part of the lyrics for “ZeZe” reads: “Niggas sayin’ what a great battle/ But you about to see a fuckin’ snake rattle/Boy, you just a pony with a pink saddle/I’m truly sorry that you’re stuck inside of Drake’s shadow/When are you gonna overcome?/When are you gonna level up?/When are you gonna grow another foot”/When you gonna show us that you number one.

It is not known how long the rap battle will last. Already, though, it has set Twitter on fire. See some reactions below and drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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