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Top Nigerian Music Videos This Year So Far

The squeaky-clean and crispy-fresh visuals, the stunning damsels, the hommies, the booze, the party and club scene scene as well as a few wads of the Naira – hallmarks and ingredients of a Nigerian music video.

However, the narrative has began to change in recent times with the latest Nigerian music video coming through with more unique content that tells a story as well as a shift in the paradigm in terms of standard and quality.

Gone are the days where music videos were only meant to birth a new dance style; well they still do. However, the latest Nigerian music video comes as an insight into an industry that has become one of Nigeria’s biggest exports.

Plus, the investments into the motion picture niche of the universal language industry has evolved from the need to connect visual dots but one that has become an all important block in itself; selling the Nigerian music artists even further unto a global stage.

It is little reason the Nigerian music sphere is seen as the biggest in that space on the continent of Africa with the latest Nigerian music videos racing unto millions of views; while reaching even far flung corners and destinations of the world.

These short movies comes with international connections and locations, video vixens away from just dancers, private jets and yachts replacing just the whips, as well as the mansions, the wads and bundles of dollars, and even the finesse, class and lifestyle becoming the composition of the latest Nigerian music video.

Even though with the unfortunate scandal that seemed to rock the world of musical cinematography in recent times of the #MeToo movement, the niche continues to expand and soar.

To this length and extent, we appreciate the music artists and the fans who have been the bedrock of this massive boom.

However, we also celebrate the creativity and direction of the award-winning music video directors who have been instrumental to the massive improvement in quality, scope and delivery.

Players such as Clarence Peters, Sesan Ogunro, Adasa Cookie, Daps, Unlimited SA, Moe Musa, Kemi Adetiba, Aje Filmworks and several others too numerous to mention deserves all the accolades for the new face of the latest Nigerian music videos.

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