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Tobi Lou Drops ‘Live On Ice’ Album




Tobi Lou has released the Live On Ice , a 21-track .

act, Tobi Lou might be 30 years old but he’s sure wiser than his age. The star unleashes this knowledge in his newly released , Live on Ice which dropped recently. The Nigerian born Chicago rapper comes through with this new one and it is very much a blessing as it is a total mood. The album features Star actress, Ryan Destiny, alongside other musical acts.

In a recent statement about the new album, he said;

“I felt like my entire life I’ve been waiting for whatever moment this is. I’m finally having an awakening and seizing my moment by putting out my first real offering and saying, ‘OK, I’m ready – judge me […] People go crazy for Lion King, but go even crazier for Lion King On Ice, and I feel like that with this project. I released a lot of music last year but nothing like this – this is by far the craziest thing I’ve done, so it had to be Live on Ice.”

The new album which was released via ArtClub and Empire was preceded by the singles, Waterboy, Like My Mom, and My Party feat. Tony Bigz. Here’s the list of tracks contained in the album;

1. 100 Degrees
2. Waterboy
3. I Was Sad Last Night I’m OK Now
4. Sometimes I Ignore You Too
5. That Old Nu-Nu (feat. Erica Rene)
6. My Party
7. 8702
8. Deserve It (feat. Rockie Fresh )
9. Smiling at My Phone
10. Delete My # Baby
11. Berlin/Westside
12. Cheap Vacations (feat. Facer)
13. Looped Up (feat. Vernon)
14. Favorite Substitute (feat. Ryan Destiny)
15. Humpty Dumpty
16. Like My Mom
17. Orange Reprise (feat. Lejkeys)
18. Theme Music
19. Crying in the Club
20. Ice Cream Girl
21. 17cg (Bonus Track)

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