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They Are A*sholes: Dallas Austin Stopped Working With Boyz II Men Because Of Their Ego

Music Producer, Dallas Austin says the Boyz II Men‘s ego made him stop working with them.

Almost every music savvy person would know the name, Dallas Austin except they were maybe born in the 2000s and don’t bother reading through history. Dallas L. Austin is an American music producer born in Columbus, Georgia and credited to have produced many hit songs including Troop‘s I Will Always Love You.

In a recent interview with VladTV, the veteran producer spoke about working with iconic singing group, Boyz II Men. According to him, it was a dream come true up until it just wasn’t. He further called them out for being assholes, arrogant and having huge egos. The production veteran also narrated an event when the quartet allegedly disrespected legendary American musician and songwriter, Babyface.

According to Austin, working on the group’s first album was a dream, but the success of the first one made the group arrogant during the recording of their second album.

Back in the day, after linking up with Joyce Irby (Klymaxx), he became a producer under her company, Diva One Productions. Austin got his big break when he produced Troop‘s I Will Always Love for their 1989 album, Attitude. In 1990, because of his reputation producing hits at Motown, he got the opportunity to produce the debut album of then signees Boyz II Men. 

Austin has also founded his own record labels including Rowdy Records in 1992, Limp Records in 1993, and Freeworld Entertainment in 1998. The labels were short lived excepted the first which was reactivated in 2005.

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