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Teairra Marí Loses Again in Court Battle with 50 Cent; Asked to Pay More Money

50 Cent has been on a debt-collecting spree and clearly he’s not stopping anytime soon, whether the world agrees with his method or not. Teairra Marí happens to be one of those who owed the “Big Rich Town” rapper and he is determined to recover his money to the last (50) cent.

Recall back in January a judge had ruled in 50 Cent‘s favour, ordering Teairra Marí to pay 50 Cent $30k in legal fees.

With the ruling in his favour in the revenge porn lawsuit, 50 Cent had bombarded Teairra Marí with reminders she owes him. But Teairra Marí insists she is broke. Not done with that statement, she had dissed 50 Cent is a song titled “I Ain’t Got It.

But 50 Cent, (in)famous for being among the petty in the game, isn’t buying the I’m broke story and has headed to the court once again to seek redress. In June he asked that a judge compel Teairra Marí to pay the court awarded him.

Teairra Marí demurred, asking the court to deny 50 Cent‘s request. But the judge thought 50 Cent‘s application had merit in law, and granted it. An elated 50 Cent had taken to Instagram thereafter, asking not to be played with, as he ain’t gonna lose.

Well, what do you think 0f 50 Cent‘s latest court win? Do you think he will one day cross the line in his debt collection spree, as some are suggesting? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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