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Taylor Swift: US record for “Lover”, already 3 million worldwide sales

The numbers don’t lie. As usual, Taylor Swift broke sales records yet again with his seventh album “Lover”. Just two years after “Reputation”, the popstar wasted no time a with an album under the sign of exacerbated romanticism. As a result, the record has just signed a phenomenal first week with more than three million worldwide sales, according to a statement from the Universal group. As a reminder, the precedent was about 1.6 million over the same period. Taylor Swift has almost doubled its score, proof of its global impact. It is obviously in the United States that the figures are the most flamboyant. There, 24 hours were enough to make “Lover” the best-selling album of the year, at the physical level. though it did not reach the million mark like its predecessors, the record ended its first week with 867,000 sales. The last time an artist had been on that level on the American charts … it was Taylor Swift, two years ago! This is his sixth consecutive number one album across the continent. Same observation in the United Kingdom where the singer takes the first place with a first week above 53,000 sales.

More surprisingly, “Lover” also surpasses the million mark in China becoming “the most listened to international album” this year in the country which has 1.3 billion inhabitants. However, Taylor Swift a little behind in France, starting in fifth place in the ranking merged with 7,500 sales, including streaming. Predicted by Lorenzo, Vitaa & Slimane, Nekfeu and Angèle, the “The Archer” singer still signs his best ranking in the French charts. Monte Lipman, founder of Republic Records, the label of the singer, says: “With his excellent work, Taylor has revolutionized the parameters of the music industry around the world. “Lover” is clearly her most acclaimed album to date. The honesty and vulnerability she poured into this album created a masterpiece. ” Taylor Swift thanked her fans: “I can not thank you enough. I never imagined that it would be better or more fun, that I would go out to meet so many fans and that I could see and read everything you said about “Lover” on the Internet. I love you guys, and I’m really really lucky and I know it everyday. ” In seven days, “Lover” is on track to become the best-selling album of the year. And it’s only just started !

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