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Swizz Beatz & Cassidy Release New Collaborative Single “Save The Children”

Cassidy and Swizz Beatz have released a new collaborative single, titled ‘Save The Children‘ and it’s bar heavy.

Remember when Cassidy had the whole world eating out of his hand? Those days when Hustler was one of the biggest anthems on the streets, and the name Cassidy brought dollar signs to everyone’s eyes. Oh, how time flies. It’s surely been a minute.

Looks like the rapper is bent on bringing those days back with his newest song releases. It may seem that his Condom Style remix of Psy‘s big hit Gangnam style messed with his career back in 2012. The following years saw the rapper struggle to get his music back to what it used to be. At one point, Cassidy made his return to battle rap going against Dizaster and made a huge name for himself.

As a lyricist and an emcee, the rapper has come to be cited as one of the best but his music still hasn’t been what it used to be. The newly released song, Save The Children might just turn things around for the word play king. The track follows his previous project, Numbers. It is a joint collaboration with long time friend, Swizz Beatz who not only produced the track but also provides vocals at some point.

Save The Children thrives on it’s A+ production by Swizz and bar heavy lyrics by Cassidy himself. The song’s dope instrumental seems to lift Cassidy into a realm of unstoppable flow, and the rapper delivers a dizzying line of bars. Hopefully the gods of chart glory would smile on him this time because he surely deserves a place at the top.

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