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Spice Girl, Mel B sued for abuse by former hairstylist



Mel B sued by her former hairstylist who accuses her of abuse and owing him $200k.

Former Spice Girl, Mel B is almost always in the news for the wrong reasons. Now, the singer is being sued by her former hairstylist who claims she emotionally abused him, had pharmaceutical drugs prescribed in his name and is refusing to pay back $200,000 she owes him. PageSix reports he’s seeking damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress and wrongful termination.

According to the publication, the lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Sept. 25 states that the stylist, Gary Madatyan became very close with the 44-year-old singer as he worked for her. It also states he first became her hairstylist and eventually became her manager, life coach, stylist and more. He claims she later on began to abuse their closeness, and manipulated him into a “pawn” she used and also abused.

He claims the singer misclassified him as an independent contractor although he was her full-time employee. He also alleges she paid him $10,000 /month but requested that $7000 of the money be used for rent for an apartment in the same complex as hers. According to him, she also used him as a personal bank, running up $200,000 charges for her family and her. He claims she promised to pay back but never did and now owes him “in excess” of $200,000.

PageSix reports that the stylist became  increasingly worried that the America’s Got Talent judge was involved in “unlawful activity” with her physical, Dr. Charles Sophy. He claims the physician asked him to lie to the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services about the singer’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte and how he treats their children.

According to him, he made his concerns known to the pop star but she sacked him after. He also claims that around February 2019, he learned Dr. Sophy allegedly prescribed amphetamine salts using his name for Mel. He says he didn’t authorize that.