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South Side Co-Creator Says There Won’t Be Any Jussie Smollett Jokes On The Show

South Side co-creator, Bashir Salahuddin says there won’t be any Jussie Smollett jokes on the comedy central show.

Everyone may be quick to jump on and make jokes out of Jussie Smollett‘s newest predicament but surprisingly, South Side isn’t joining in on the ‘fun’. The animated show’s co-creator Bashir Salahuddin recently had a chat with The Wrap and said he won’t satirize the disgraced actor. When speaking about ‘potentially referencing Smollett’s reported attack on the show’, he said “No man, it’s a straight up tragedy.” He continued by saying; “The whole situation is in for turn. Particularly for the City, there’s bigger problems for them to handle.”

After news broke in January that Smollett had been attacked and badly beaten in the North Side of Chicago (where he lives) by two men who shouted racial and homophobic slurs at him, the actor became a trending topic in the media. Sadly, the story back fired after police while carrying out further investigations accused the actor of staging the attack because he wasn’t satisfied with his salary in the Empire drama series. Smollett and his attorney have since stood by his story.

Jamal Lyon” Smollett‘s famous character has been written off of episodes of the show’s sixth season, and he also does not appear in the final one. While Salahuddin says “There’s nothing funny about it, it’s embarrassing” other comedy shows, including Saturday Night Live have made light of the story.

South Side is Sketch and Variety comedy show about to streetwise employees of a rent-to-own appliance store who hustle on the side to make a living. The show is known to make light of various real life events related to Chicago.

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