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Slipknot Stops Concert Halfway as Fan Slumps and Passes Out

The safety of concertgoers is almost every concert organizer’s prime concern. No artiste out there would love to see someone pass out or die at their concert. American heavy metal band Slipknot is acutely conscious of the safety of its fans at a concert.

This much became apparent just recently during the band’s Knotfest Roadshow in Bernardino, California.

There was rumpus in the crowd that thronged the group’s show, and it was reported a concertgoer slumped in the middle of the thick throng and was almost trampled to death. Corey Taylor, a member of Slipknot, had to make an emergency decision stopping the band so the fallen concertgoer can be rescued.

He yelled that no one was going to get hurt on his watch. “Do you understand me?” he asked emphatically. He stopped the show then.

One of the concertgoers wrote on Reddit that during the push a man went down near him and passed out. Came to and passed out again. The fallen man was apparently in a daze and had to be hauled from the rail to the back.

Although the crowd got out of control at some point, there was reportedly no deaths at the concert. This should please Corey Taylor, who had to stop the performance at some point.

By the way, Slipknot, which proudly states it is not the kind of anything or anyone out there, will be in West Valley tomorrow August 1 for a concert.

What are your thoughts on Slipknot stopping the show halfway to save the fallen concertgoer? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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