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Signing Kawhi Leonard Would Only Be The Start For The Lakers

The biggest story on everyone’s lips in the NBA community is that of a possible signing of Raptors’ player Kawhi Leonard to the Los Angeles Lakers. This comes after a long day of multiple signings of players into teams excluding the names Kawhi Leonard and Lakers. Rumor has it that star player, Kawhi Leonard is still undecided about his next move which would further define his already blossomed career.

Obviously armed with lots of strategy, The Los Angeles Lakers are confident about edging out close competition and scoring the signing of Kawhi should he decide to leave the Raptors. Then again, signing Kawhi is not the only option.

The Lakers who lost out to The Golden Warriors on their strategy to sign D’Angelo Russell have just one card to play to make a solid addition to their roster. This back up plan only works out if Leonard deems them fit enough to sign to.

Stephen A. Smith and Bomani Jones on a recent episode of ESPN’s First Take, didn’t think it would be a good idea for Kawhi to sign to the Lakers yet as they already had their top two stars. In their opinion, Kawhi would be a sidekick or a third option in the team. Jones further stated that the superstar would have to play as Lebron’s sidekick if he was going to play with him.

Kawhi Leonard has quite the decision to make as Toronto would still be a title contender should he decide to stay.

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