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Selena Gomez Was Almost The Reason For Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom’s Marriage Cancellation




Selena Gomez was almost the reason behind Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom‘s marriage cancellation. Read how.

There’s a rumor making rounds that Katy Perry‘s marriage to fiancé, Orlando Bloom was almost cancelled. Why? You ask. They say it’s all Selena Gomez‘s fault. Ridiculous right? Well, according to the singer, her heart wants what it wants. Maybe it wanted that. Maybe, Just maybe.

Well, reports state that the Part of Me singer allegedly stopped her actor fiancé from being in contact with the Good For You hitmaker. They say she forced him to cut her off at an unspecified time last year. Somehow, everyone forgot about that at the time. Recently, rumors of the Super Bowl Halftime performer holding back her wedding to Bloom because of the Hotel Transylvania star have risen.

Reports state that the soon-to-be groom revived his friendly relationship with Gomez. Same reports also state that the sudden friendship revival caused Perry to think of canceling or pushing back the date for their wedding. The actor is quoted saying in a recent interview about the wedding “It’s all about the baby steps of doing the work to get to that. I think other people do wedding planning, we do the work to get to the wedding.”

Recall, the pop singer, back in 2016 called the rumors a ‘dumb conspiracy‘ so this might just be what it looks like, a silly rumor.

Selena, on the other hand, was recently dragged into a Justin Bieber photo controversy after he shared a throwback photo of himself with his woman, Hailey Baldwin.

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