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Rayvanny Dismisses Claims Of WCB Mismanagement

Rayvanny has dismissed claims of WCB‘s mismanagement towards him and other artist signed to the label.

Rumors of how Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platinumz treats his artists have for a long time trailed the internet yet no artist has come out to prove this. Every single artist on the WCB Wasafi Records seems to either be quiet about these rumours or just think it is a huge ball of crap like Vanny.

Rayvanny has spoken out amidst rumors that he is planning to leave the label because of Diamond‘s way of treating him and his colleagues. The Tanzanian singer has slammed these rumours and called them false, saying they’re just out to tarnish Diamond’s image and portray him in a bad light. In Vanny’s words, Diamond is a good man who’s helped a lot of people and he would always remain grateful to him.

The Tanzanian Bongo singer is quoted saying;

People will always talk, people will have their opinions and I cannot oppose them because someone’s meat is another man’s poison. You know. You know Diamond maybe good to me and I will praise him for that; others will talk I’ll because maybe that they did not get what they wanted from him. Diamond to me is of great help, he got me from a very bad place to where I am today and he is still with me supporting me all the way.”

The singer concludes saying;

I will not listen to those who insult him and claim he does not help anyone because I personally know what he gives me. I will focus on what I get from him, the rest is just noise.”

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