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R Kelly to Remain in Jail After Judge Denied Him Bail

The problems keep on piling up for embattled RnB singer, R Kelly after a Judge in Chicago denied him bail and ordered him to remain in prison.

R Kelly whose travails became full blown recently has been arrested and charged in the last few months but always got released on bail but he wasn’t so lucky five days ago after he got locked up and today, at a hearing in a Chicago court, Assistant US Attorney, Angel Krull argued that R Kelly should not be let out as he poses a threat on the outside.

Entreaties from R Kelly‘s lawyer that he posed neither flight risk nor threat to anyone outside didn’t really help his case and he has been asked to continue to remain in jail at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

His attorney had pled his case, saying that: “How could he flee? He has no money. There’s no evidence that he’s a risk to minors at all at this point. Unlike his most famous song, ‘I Believe I Can Fly,’ Mr. Kelly doesn’t like to fly.”

But the judge, Harry Leinenweber had refused to let him out on bail and ruled that he should remain in jail where he could do no damage.

The charges brought against the famous singer include abusing five girls:

  • A 12- or 13-year old girl in 1996 or 1997
  • A 17-year-old girl in 1997
  • A 15-year-old girl in 1996
  • A 16-year-old girl in 1999
  • A 13- or 14-year-old girl in 1997 or 1998.

R Kelly is facing sex crime charges in a number of US states and this may just be the start of bigger troubles for the singer.

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