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R. Kelly Feels Safe in Solitary Confinement, Lawyer Warns About the Effect

Embattled singer, R. Kelly has said he feels safer being in solitary confinement as he feared what other inmates would do to him if he was placed with the others.

It’s no longer news that R Kelly has been battling for some time now to stay a free man after the “Surviving RKelly” documentary went live and he was accused of running a sex cult and using minors.

Sometime this week, we reported that he had been ordered by the judge to remain in prison pending his hearing and he has now said that he felt safer being placed in solitary confinement as no one could really tell what would happen to him outside.

While his attorney appreciates the extra security that provides for him while he’s in there, she also thinks that it may affect him later on as he has no one to lean on or talk to there.

What that means is that while others in the public general prison have access to TV and can call their loved ones anytime they want, he doesn’t and has very limited time to talk in a month, as little as 15 minutes a month actually.

While it is not certain yet if his lawyer will push for him to be moved out of solitary or at least be afforded some extra privileges while there, it will be interesting to see how authorities react to this.

It’s more difficult for him in there too as he is illiterate and can neither read nor write. We will let you know if there’s any development on this.

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