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Pivot Gang share new song “Houdini” featuring the mind




Chicago-based hip hop collective, Pivot Gang releases new song ‘Houdini‘ featuring the Mind.

Formed by a collective of independent rappers based out the west side of Chicago, Pivot Gang originated from the Austin neighbourhood around 2012. It was founded by 2 brothers, Saba and Joseph Chilliams, their cousin John Walt, and their high school friend MFnMelo.

The Pivot Gang, who have been busy bringing their show on the road, give a fresh hit from the ‘Two-Piece Tour Pack‘ album with “Houdini,” featuring contributing vocals from R&B singer the MIND. 

In a recent Instagram post, Pivot Gang announced the release of their new song ‘Houdini‘ and the ‘SoHo Freestyle‘ featuring KOTA The Friend.

Co-produced with Daoud, the song sounds more contemplative, with a soulful hook, and full of creative punchlines.

From the flow of the song, MfnMelo pays homage to the ‘white folks‘; “This is for them white folks, gangstas and them thugs.

As expected with all releases from the Pivot Gang, “Houdini” is lined with Quotables from top-to-bottom.

At Family Tree, tryna get something to eat

Like self-defence class, she go straight for the D

Ass got me on brick, that’s what they threw at Dr. King

Ask to lift up my shirt, like it’s caught up on the swing

Stream Houdini Below:

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