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Paula Jai Parker Revealed P. Diddy Used To Get Beat Up

Actress, Paula Jai Parker revealed in an interview that Diddy used to always get beat up.

If you ever thought, hip hop money man, P Diddy was invincible then think again because someone’s saying he isn’t. Each day, we find out new details about our beloveth Diddy who we love anyway and will continue to love. Previously, Diddy was in the news for allegedly going on dates with his son’s ex, now he’s on everyone’s lips for his past life. Apparently, the Coming Home rapper used to get his a** beat.

Former 1995’s Classic actress, Paula Jai Parker, also known for her role in the comedy, Friday spoke some truth about Diddy during a recent interview. Parker was recently filmed on VladTV in a session with DJ Vlad and she made some revelations about P Diddy while talking about fostering relationships in the entertainment industry. She said she met Diddy for the first time back in the day while he was getting a beat down.

In her own words;

I met puffy, he was getting beat up!” After saying this, she couldn’t hold her good natured smile back. She continued saying; “But we love Puffy. I be like, ‘Leave Puffy alone!’ I be the first one“. Obviously shocked, DJ Vlad further asked about Diddy‘s past of getting beat up and Parker said;

Oops, thought everybody knew. I didn’t know people didn’t know. Sorry Puffy.

Well, truth be told, we didn’t know, and we’re sure a lot Diddy’s fans didn’t know either. We’d all love to hear more about it, so thanks Paula Jai Parker.

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