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Old Swizz Beatz, Kanye & Bono Song “Skyscrapers” Surfaces Online




Old song, Skyscraper by Swizz Beatz, Kanye West and Bono, surfaces online.

Don’t you just love how artists make us want a song so bad even when we can’t get it or it’s delayed. We just keep anticipating its drop till it finally comes. Remember back in 2011, 8 years ago when we heard Swizz, Kanye and U2‘s Bono had hit the studio but nothing came of it?

Then later, the super producer revealed the song would appear on his album Haute Living but that album was scrapped. We still waited. He also previewed the track in a studio clip and even announced it would drop with an artistic video but that never came. Fast forward to now, our interests are still picked.

Well, lucky us, the song has just appeared online, all by itself. So the wait is over. The producer said about sending the song to Kanye in 2011 “He gives me the track back, done, three verses, the chorus there and the bridge. So I’m like, there ain’t no room for me on that thing”.

He revealed the song was almost a solo song for Ye in an interview with MTV. He went on saying “I’m like, ‘Not on this one, baby’ So I got two extra verses in the stash”

Swizz has also composed the soundtrack for the upcoming series Godfather of Harlem. A music video was release for the song Just In Case which features contributions from American rappers Rick Ross and DMX (who recently signed a new deal with Def Jam).

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