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Nigerian Hip-hop: Top Olamide Songs Till Date

Olamide, who has just released the single “Totori” in collaboration with Wizkid and ID Cabasa, finds a prime spot among Nigeria’s top hip-hop artistes. From an unknown artiste hungry for gigs, he has morphed into one of the major voices in the game.

He has got a large body of work that should elicit anyone’s interest. The songster, who earned a committee appointment in Ogun state in April this year and became a Goldberg ambassador a week later, readily woos the crowd with his songs.

Below are some of his top songs to date:


Wo!!” is one of Olamide‘s top offerings out there, and one that earned him accolades at the time of release and even earned the producer Young Jonn an MTV award. “WO!!” is an appealing number that is enjoyed to this day, years after it was released.

Science Student

Released in 2o18, “Science Student” is one of Olamide‘s numbers with massive fan appeal. The song has got catchy beats that leave you asking for more. A year after it was released, “Science Student” is still a top Olamide song and a fan favourite


Woske” was released earlier this year, which means it is just a few months old. But this song, which ignited the music scene at the time of release, surely deserves a place on this list. It is as catchy as anything Olamide and is a fan favourite too.

Jesu O’Kola

Jesu O’Kola” is a song of unity and one that almost every Nigerian can relate to. “Jesu O’Kola” is part of Olamide‘s sophomore album “YBNL.” It is exactly 7 years since the track dropped, but it remains fresh, an instant jam.

Don’t Stop

Don’t Stop,which streams off Olamide‘s “Eyan Maywethr,” album was banned by the National Broadcasting Corporation, which described the lyrics as vulgar. That action actually had a positive effect, as it stamped the song definitely in the consciousness of mos Nigerian.

The lists goes on and on, checkout the full list below:

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