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NF goes on “The Search” in New Album



We’ve moved from “Perception” to “The Search,” and it is as interesting as it can get. “The Search,” if you please, is the Michigan rapper NF’s latest project – his fourth studio album, to be specific.

The Search” is a 20-track affair, beginning with, well, “The Search,” and ending in “Time.” How appropriate. The 20 tracks in this album may best be imagined as 20 streets, all linked, leading to the door of NF’s life and career.


1. The Search
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Change
4. My Stress
5. Nate
6. Time (Extended)
7. Returns
8. When I Grow Up
9. Only Ft. Sasha Sloan
10. Let Me Go
11. -Interlude-
12. Hate Myself
13. I Miss the Days
14. No Excuses
15. Like This
16. Options
17. Why
18. Thinking
19. Trauma
20. Time

As NF tweeted recently, he put a lot of time into “The Search.” Fortunately it isn’t time wasted. The album is aesthetically appealing, a fine advert for an artiste marching close to the height of his powers.

Co-opting only a guest (Sasha Sloan, on track 9, “Only”) may well be taken for an announcement of NF’s belief in his ability to do things alone and do them well.

Many have compared NF to some fine names in the game, from Eminem to Logic. But NF is really who he is: NF, a rapper of apparent talent and robust faith in his powers as an artiste. His powers are magically displayed in “The Search” and you’ll never have to search to see them.

Y’all wanna go on “The Search” with NF. Rest assured you’re going to love this lyrical trip with him. The trip may as well begin right away. You’re welcome

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