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Migos Are High Profile Thieves In New “Frosted Flakes” Video

Migos play high profile thieves in new video for their Quality Control single “Frosted Flakes“.

Migos (minus one) have a new video and single out, it dropped on the eve of Quality control‘s album release date. The new song still showcases the group’s style which they’ve become famous for but Offset is noticeably absent from both the track and the new video. We wonder why. The recently released video is more a short film than it is a music video, quite entertaining to follow from start to finish.

It’s barely a day to the release of the sophomore Quality Control record titled, Control the Streets Volume 2, the label has released many tracks to build anticipation for the record. These tracks have mostly been released in twos and mostly features Quality Control artists and some special guests. Now, the label has dropped the last single before the album’s release, and it features Takeoff and Quavo representing Migos.

The new song sticks to the sound and style the group is known for.  The song’s accompanying video sees the group playing high profile thieves who plan to rob a Jewelry bank. The video stars Mike Epps as the man who introduces and helps Quavo and Takeoff plan the heist. The video doesn’t really end happily, as both men (Takeoff and Quavo) are stabbed in the back by their coconspirators.

Quality Control‘s second album, Control the Streets Volume 2 will contain a whooping 36 tracks and features artists signed to the label, and guest appearances from other high profile artists.

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