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Meek Mill’s Son Freestyles With Him On Stage

Meek Mill‘s son jumped on stage to freestyle with the rap king in the presence of a roaring audience.

Meek Millie is definitely having the time of his life with the recent outcome of his long legal battle. The king is celebrating the biggest legal win of his entire history with the law. The American rapper was finally granted a new trial after a huge battle with a judge. The rapper was also taken off probation for the first time in his adult life.

The next parts of the year seem to look good for Meek whose original charges may likely be dropped. The charges come from a bust on him by dirty police. That’s one huge cause to celebrate being a free man, and the rapper is sure doing that.

Meek recently performed at NOTO, a club in his city, Philadelphia. He even stayed for an after-party event after his performance. Apparently, the already fun night got more exciting because TMZ reports that Meek Mill brought his 9 year old son, Rihmeek to rap in front of the crowd. The audience was definitely quite impressed.

The young guy did not disappoint although he went off flow at one point prompting his veteran dad to take the microphone from him. Hahaha. In the beginning, the young rapper slays, riding on chants from the excited crowd and doesn’t really go far when he goes off tune. Meek then shakes his hand warning him to get his bar game up. It’s possible he didn’t expect to be called up by dad outta nowhere.

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