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Mario Lopez’s Transgender Kids Comment Leaves Social Media in a Rage

Television personality Mario Lopez has suggested that it is dangerous for parents to support transgender kids – as in kids who identify as transgender. He made his opinion known on The Candace Owens Show during a recent appearance.

Mario Lopez, 45, stated during the 40-minute interview that although he is not one to tell anyone how to parent their kids, and one can rarely err from a place of love, yet he thinks it is dangerous for parents to make a determination if a child is boy or girl based on what the child is saying about his or her feelings and who – as in what sex – they think they are.

Here he had the support of Owens, who stated that children lack the mental authority to process their gender identity.

Mario Lopez‘s statement has met with great criticism from the public, especially from LGBTQ groups and activists. There’s been a massive opposition to his statement on social media with some users are asking he makes a retraction.

But Lopez is conservative on the subject and doesn’t look like he would make a retraction anytime soon.

It appears beyond social media opposition, those opposed to his views on transgender kids have taken the battle to Wikipedia. Following the news of the interview, Mario Lopez‘s page has been massively edited to refer to him as “transphobic & misogynistic American actor and entertainment journalist.

Looks like the battle of identity opinions have only just begun.

Well, what do you think of Mario Lopez‘s statement regarding transgender kids? You may wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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