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Machine Gun Kelly Sued By Actor Beat Down By Rapper’s Security

Trouble is brewing again as Machine Gun Kelly gets sued for assault. No, he didn’t do the assaulting himself but reports say he ordered his men to beat up a G-Rod Rodriguez who is an actor and who is now allegedly suing him.

The actor had according to reports available called Machine Gun Kelly a p*ssy when they met at a restaurant but nothing happened. Then when Machine Gun Kelly‘s security spotted him later, they descended on him and gave him a beating he won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

The actor had allegedly called him the P word based on Machine Gun Kelly‘s beef with Eminem that led to the release of “Rap Devil” and Eminem‘s “Killshot” response that was expected to end or at least set back Machine Gun Kelly‘s career but which did none of those.

The assaulted actor had already sued MGK‘s security but it looks like he is not satisfied with just them and is now extending that to Machine Gun Kelly too. But his lawyer said that the suit was bogus and MGK was not liable for what happened.

In his words: “Mr. Rodriguez looks forward to his day in court and holding those responsible for this vicious and cowardly attack fully responsible for their actions. It’s a bogus lawsuit and MGK is not liable for what happened.”

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