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‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: Fans Express Dislike at Akon’s wife Tricia Ana’s annoying habits

American rapper and singer, Akon and his wife Tricia Ana have finally made their debut on ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘. The show gave the audience a few knowledge on the personality of Akon and his wife Tricia Ana.

The show introduced the rapper and his wife as they were in the middle of Akon’s record label meeting. At the end of the meeting, Akon sat with his wife to check in on her. Ana then stated that she is one of the wives of Akon. She also talked about her ex and fellow cast member Micky Munday

Akon and Anna broke up briefly, during the time she rebounded with Munday. When Anna and Munday later meet up, it was kind of awkward, with Anna questioning Munday’s current relationship with fashion model and actress Slick Woods, the reaction shows that she might still be having some residual feelings for him.

Some fans who find her attitude annoying have also shared their reactions.

“Tricia Ana sounds slow and looks like a blow up doll #LHHH”. – a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another fan commented,

“Tricia and her cringey ass voice gotta go. #LHHH”.

One fan also wrote a humourous line,

“Tricia up here hatin on Slick Woods why cuz she not plastic girl go sit down with your husband Akon with his multiple wives ass wait in line honey I guess your night is Tuesday #LHHH”.

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