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Kyle Kuzma’s and Kendall Jenner’s Time Out Ignites Dating Rumours

Is Lakers champ Kyle Kuzma dating Kendall Jenner? That has been the question burning on the lips of many in the States following the circulation of photos showing the two on a swanky yacht having a wonderful time just off the coast of Malibu.

The two were among friends, celebrating the Fourth of July, which you probably know is America’s Independence Day.

The sighting of the two together provoked rumours they might be dating. But neither Kyle Kuzma nor Kendall Jenner, who shared photos of the time out on her Instagram page, has said anything about dating.

Source: KendallInStyle/ Twitter
Source: KendallInStyle/ Twitter

Speculations are rife the two are dating probably because Kendall Jenner had dated Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons previously.

Other sports personalities caught in her dating web at some point include Jordan Clarkson, Blake Griffin and D’Angello Russell. Kyle Kuzma is not a confirmed catch, so one cannot say much about them as a couple.

The above is only a list of some of the sports personalities she had dated and not every man she has had a dating encounter with.

Kyle Kuzma himself had at some point been linked to Katya Elise Henrywho apparently attended some of his games this season.

Source: Kyle Kuzma/ Instagram

The coming days, though, should be revealing, as celebrity coupling rarely stay secret for a long time. The evidence is splattered all over Hollywood and America’s entertainment industry as a whole.

By the way, do you think Kendall Jenner and Kyle Kuzma are really dating? You may drop your thoughts on the subject, in the comment section below.

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