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Kim Kardashian Leaks Tracklist For Kanye West’s Upcoming Gospel Album “Jesus Is King”




Reality TV star and beauty mogul, Kim Kardashian has just disclosed the tracklist and the release date for her husband, Kanye West’s upcoming gospel album, “Jesus Is King”.

Taking to her Twitter account on Thursday, Kim shared a notepad, written in black ink, having the title “Jesus Is King” above 12 possible song titles, with a proposed date – September 27th, beneath the pad.

The tracklist includes a number of biblical references like “Selah,” “Baptized,” “Breast Plate of Right,” “Through the Valley,” “God Is” amongst others. So we are guessing the album is inspired by Kanye’s current plans of setting up a church, as he has been hosting Sunday Services over the past few months.

Kanye West was supposed to release a project called ‘Yandhi’ last September but was postponed indefinitely. In recent months, different tracks from the unreleased album have leaked online.

Talking about the leaks in a recent interview,  the ‘Heartless’ rapper said that he feels that his fans got cheated with the leaks.

“When things like leaks happen, I feel like the only person that’s honestly getting cheated is the fan. These songs go through iterations. There’s so many different iterations, from lyricism to production. Ye could wake up tomorrow and say ‘Oh man, those need harder drums.’ Even some of the songs that you heard, those are just references without drums. You don’t even get the full scope of the song…I feel like we’re at a place where the talent pool is beyond measure. We’ll cook up again, and we’ll roll it out properly next time, and it’ll be fine”, he said.

Check out the tracklist of Jesus Is King below.

01 “Clade”

02 “Garden”

03 “Selah”

04 “God Is”

05 “Baptized”

06 “Sierra Canyon”

07 “Hands On”

08 “Wake The Dead”

09 “Water”

10 “Through The Valley”

11 “Sunday”

12 “Sweet Jesus”

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