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Khalid announces benefit concert for victins of the El Paso shooting




Khalid has announced a benefit concert in honour of victims of the El Paso shooting.

The wake of the El Paso shooting has seen many celebrities react in different ways to the sad news. Some have taken to their social media accounts to call out the president while some have sent condolences to the families of the victims. Khalid is one of the celebs who have reacted to the news, but rather than call anyone out, the R&B singer has taken to social media to announce a benefit concert in the victims’ honour. The concert is expected to happen sometime this month.

He wrote;

Over the past few days, my mind and heart have been heavy. Hearing/seeing an act of terrorism happen so close to home, my family, and my friends has been unbelievable and shocking. Singing “915” and “City of El Paso” on tour every night feels indescribable. “

In another post he wrote;

“I’ve the past few days, I’ve been thinking of ways to help out and support the city. 

I’m planning for a benefit concert later this month, all of the proceeds will go to the families affected by the shooting. Sending everyone my love and will keep you guys updated.”

During a performance in Washington D.C. the singer brought up the situation in El Paso, voicing his concern he said, “All you guys send El Paso your love and prayers because it would mean a lot to everybody”. He also retweeted a fan’s post of the event with the caption, “the world loves you El Paso”. 

Also reacting to reacting to shooting in Dayton, Ohio, he tweeted;

Also sending my love to Dayton, Ohio. America is hurting right now”.

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