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Kawhi Leonard Speaks with Magic Johnson; Might join the Lakers on these Conditions…

Although Kawhi Leonard is reportedly a free agent at the time, he is taking his time before signing another contract with a new team. He is in no hurry.

It is public knowledge that he is a free agent, so topflight teams have been reaching out to him for his services. The pitcher, while happy for all the attention, which affirms his place as one of the finest in the game, isn’t leaping into a new deal just yet.

He is taking his time, assessing the conditions from the teams bidding for his signature and laying his own demands even while the clock ticks and next season approaches.

So far, Los Angeles Clippers, the Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers have indicated interest in the star. Kawhi Leonard has been amenable to a meeting and recently spoke of his interest in joining the Lakers in a recent chat with formers Lakers legend Magic Johnson, as reported by the LA Times.

By the way, Magic Johnson no longer works for the team.

Kawhi Leonard reportedly gave some conditions for the joining the Lakers. Among others, he would want to bring his own trainer, his own medic, and is keen to know if he could bring them. A yes would probably see him joining the Lakers next season.

Also, it would see Kawhi Leonard follow the tradition of other stars, including LeBron James, who were able to bring their trainers and medic.

The decision to want to bring his own trainer and medic is not unconnected with the problems he had with the San Antonio Spurs medical staff during the 2017-2018 season.

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