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Katy Perry Says Orlando Bloom’s Son Has Made A Morning Person

Katy Perry says Orlando Bloom‘s eight-and-a-half year old son, Flynn has made her a morning person, “he matured me“.

While some of us are plagued with tasking 9 to 5s without a choice but to wake up bright and early to meet up with the plans for the day, Katy isn’t into the entire morning thing. Well, the popstar would would rather just lay there and wake up whenever she wants to (11am precisely). Well, she’s Katy Perry.

The California Girls hitmaker recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she narrated how her routine has changed since linking up with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Speaking to Ellen, she talked about her life and of course her morning routine.

According to her, it has changed since she got engaged to the Hollywood actor. Apparently, he’s got an 8-and-a-half year old son from his previous marriage who Perry would be a stepmom to when they’re married. The singer says she’s very much involved with raising him already.

Speaking to Ellen, the Part of Me singer said; “We have to be out the door at 7:30 to be there at 8:15 and we cannot be late. Which means now you’re a morning person. I used to not wake up till, like, 11 a.m. and now I’m in bed like a normal person at 10 p.m., just like falling asleep,” She continues saying “I guess this has definitely matured me.”

Funny as ever, the singer finishes saying “I guess this is adulting! That’s why I still dress like a child — to fight against!”

Katy has released a new video for her song, Small Talk, it is coproduced by Charlie Puth.

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