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Katy Perry And Capitol Records Ordered To Pay Christian Rapper, Flame $2.78 million

Katy Perry and Capitol Records have been ordered to pay christian rapper, Flame $2.78 million in damages for copyright infringement.

Imagine if you found out someone stole the beat to your song and made a huge hit out of it, would you sue and make them pay or just let it slide? Apparently, the Jesus way of turning the cheek does not apply to copyright infringement cases and Katy Perry and co have come to witness that fact.

Earlier on, Katy Perry and the producers of her huge hit, Dark Horse were dragged to court by christian music rapper, Flame who claimed that Katy and her producers copied the beat to his song, Joyful Noise. The back and forth of the court case even saw an appearance by the Dark Horse singer who claimed that she hadn’t heard the rapper’s song. This claim, a lot of people have criticized because Katy was a gospel artist before achieving fame in the mainstream world.

According to Katy, Dr Luke had given her the song’s instrumentals and she wasn’t involved in the process of creating the beat. When, Katy and Capitol‘s lawyers tried to play the song in court, they were prevented by technical issues.

Marcus Gray aka Flame‘s lawyers claimed that Capitol Records had made $31m from Dark horse and demanded a settlement of $20m. Attorneys for Capitol Records told the court the label earned that amount but after costs only made a profit of $630,000.

Flame was finally awarded $2.78m in settlement pf which Perry is expected to up to $550,000 while Capitol and the other producers pay the rest. Katy’s lawyers plan to appeal this ruling, and if granted, could be lesser than that.

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