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Jimmy Fallon Recruits Jennifer Lopez For Music Video Dance History Lesson On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon recruits, Jennifer Lopez for music video dance history lessons on the Tonight show.

If you’re going to show the world, or just America the history of music video dancing, who better to do it with than Jennifer Lopez. The veteran singer, dancer, performer and dance contest judge, has had her career filled with dance routines right from its beginning. The Hustlers actress joined The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon on a history of Music video dancing lesson and it was so much fun.

Jimmy Fallon, first of his kind, hilariously tried to keep up with the dance mama, who effortlessly brought forgotten dance moves back to life. What a sight it was. They tagged the lesson, The History of Music Video Dancing. And that it truly was.

Starting off, J. Lo and Fallon hit the floor with M.C. Hammer‘s “U Can’t Touch This“, after which the pair transitioned into Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”. The show host and the actress really moved and ‘shook’ till “Walk Like an Egyptian” came on. Fun fun fun. Next up, they swerved into Milli Vanilli, and danced their a**es off. The funniest part of the routine, lesson we mean, was how much Fallon almost murdered the Macarena, the kick and the twirl. It was the funniest sight ever.

The two funny celebs hilariously brought Bye Bye Bye, Gangnam Style and Bad Romance back to life. They also channeled Billie Eilish in Bad Guy, which was somewhat confusing considering we had no idea if that was an actual dance.

Lopez‘s new film, Hustlers staring Cardi B, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer and more is set to hit the screens soon and we all can’t wait to see her climb that pole. Watch the video below:

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