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Jill Scott Warns Against Doing The #CucumberChallenge

RnB singer, Jill Scott has weighed in on the current #CucumberChallenge that had a lot of people trying to stuff cucumbers down their throats and see what their reflexes are.

A lot of people had already weighed in with Reginae Carter whose relationship actually ended because of one of these videos being one of those attacking the videos.

Recall that Reginae Carter and her boo, YFN Lucci split on this after he commented on one of the videos. She went on to say that: “I feel like to each his own, that’s what you do but it’s very degrading and it’s not cute. Also, if you have a daughter…that shit is not cool. Honestly, the folks that’s posting it and stuff like that you gotta understand if you got kids your kids is going to school and trust me [people] addressing your kids about that and it’s not cool.”

Amber Rose though, weighed in, saying that it’s not cool to look down on or judge those participating in the challenge or shaming those participating. She even threw in a jibe there that you shouldn’t get all up in your feelings because your man finds someone else sexy.

Jill Scott on her part feels it will make things more challenging for those participating, that is. According to her, “I am an actor. You putting a cucumber down your throat benefits you…how? First of all, its not very sanitary.”

Yeah, she’s talking about the challenge and while it’s doubtful if anyone will want to come after her, she has said her mind and it’s now left for those involved to take it or leave it, or, well hit back at her.

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