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Have Future & 2 Chainz Just Made “The Hardest Song In The World”?




Have Atlanta’s Future ans 2 Chainz just made the hardest song in the world? Both have stated they have, sharing snippets. But then it’s left for the world to judge.

It is apparent the two have always wanted to collaborate but somehow it didn’t pan out. Now, though, the two are working on something grand, are excited about it, and even suggest it is long overdue.

Although it is clear the two are not done with the project yet, the excitement over what is brewing can better be imagined. An elated 2 Chainz had taken to Instagram to announce he had had linked up with Future for the hardest song in the world. He signed off with the flame, power and love emojis.

In another post 2 Chainz dismissed claims he and Future had been in conflict. He insisted they have the same street connections and speak a lot behind closed doors. Not to missed is the part where he said he and Future are two hustlers who made it out of the mud without hating on each other.

Dead Man Walking,” the product of their collaboration, is one for the street, 2 Chainz says. It remains to be seen how the street receives the song, and if indeed the street would award it the hardest song in the world cloak. It doesn’t seem like the song will take long to drop eventually. So stick in there and keep your ears open.

Do you consider what’s on the table the hardest song in the world? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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