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Fetty Wap & Tee Grizzley Rap About the ‘Zoo’

After ending last month with a remix of Chris Brown and Drake‘s “No Guidance”, rapper Fetty Wap returns now with this new song titled “Zoo” and he has Tee Grizzley on it.

Back in June, Fetty Wap had released “Birthday”, a song on which he teamed up with Monty and well, he was probably leading up to the awesomeness that is this song and we love it.

On the other hand though, while it’s a Fetty Wap song, Tee Grizzley did most of the singing while the song owner was heard one or two times, but yeah, Tee did most of the heavy lifting.

The lines are as hard as they come too as he went “Soon as I f*ck a b*tch she and her friends discussin’ it/I’m in the trenches thuggin’ it/N*gga touch me and we sluggin’ him.”

Willie Maxwell II known in music circles as Fetty Wap first grabbed public attention in 2015 after his “Trap Queen” song made the charts and stayed there and he has not looked back since then.

Since then though, Fetty Wap has dropped top songs and struck collabs that made mad sense. Songs like “679”, “My Way”, “1738”, “Again”, “Jugg”, “Time” among others.

This year alone, he has released “Trippin Baby”, “Birthday” and that remix of Chris Brown and Drake‘s song and looks set to continue that way. It would be a good thing too.

He is yet to officially announce the coming of any major project but there are speculations that that could happen anytime now. We are hoping it’s true. In the meantime, listen to this song and enjoy.

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