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Fetty Wap Remixes Chris Brown and Drake’s ‘No Guidance’

Fetty Wap has dropped his own version of No Guidance by Breezy and Drizzy, and it’s so him.

You know a song is unique to a certain artist when you hear some of their signature slangs, slurs or even sound. Fetty Wap recently dropped his spin on the new song, No Guidance by Chris Brown and Drake and it reeked of his signature ‘Ei’s and ‘Yeah Baby‘. It was totally Fetty all the way.

The music business can be cruel sometimes, a lot of artists would testify, one day you’re on top of the charts, the next, you’re trying to find the right song to take you back there. In some cases you get lucky, in other cases, you end up remixing other people’s songs till the right one shoots you back where you belong.

For a while now, we’ve seen Fetty Wap struggle to get his shine back since the days of his big hit Trap Queen. Be not deceived, Fetty still has an amazing career, but somehow, can’t seem to match the success of his biggest hit, Trap Queen. Since the release of Bruce Wayne in 2018, the trap stunner seemed to lay low for a bit leaving everyone to wonder what he was up to. Then he dropped the collaborative Skinny With The Zoo mixtape with Skinnyfromthe9 and that went as far as it could.

Now Fetty seems to have surfaced out of nowhere with his own spin on No Guidance. We do hope the odds are in his favour with this. Do you think Fetty’s version is worth a chart appearance? Let us know in the comments section.

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