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Did Autumn Guzzardi Reference Dan Horton & Lady Gaga in New Photo?

Autumn Guzzardi may have ended her relationship with Dan Horton, 37, but it seems she knows a thing or two about the woman in whose arms her ex-husband has found solace: Lady Gaga. Or so her Instagram post suggest.

Autumn Guzzardi recently shared a photo on her Instagram page, adopting “Poker Face ❤️” as part od the caption. It is being suggested that the “poker face” references her ex-husband and his new relationship.

Autumn Guzzardi was married to Dan Horton in 2013 but filed for divorce five years later, in 2018, citing “irreconcilable difference.”

Apparently although she has broken up with him, they are still on good terms and she isn’t interfering in his relationships or determining who he should date or not date.

The dissolution of her marriage was at her instance and she has since moved on, rocking life on her own terms.

The lady who her recent Instagram post seems to reference, Lady Gaga, is herself rocking life on her own terms following her split from former fiancée Christian Carino. The two were reportedly planning a wedding and then the whole thing had been called off at the last minute.

Lady Gaga and Dan Horton have been especially generous with their osculatory displays and have been photographed multiple times making out. Whatever Dan Horton and Lady Gaga may be into right now, their public displays suggest it is something beautiful.

 The coming months should reveal how far they take the relationship thing and if wedding bells might ring. The fans are watching. And so are we. Stick around for updates.

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