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Diamond Platinumz’s Manager, Babu Tale Says He’s Overdosing Himself

Diamond Platinumz‘s Manager, Babu Tale says the singer is overdosing himself.

From the looks of things, it has not been great for one of Tanzania’s biggest popstars, Diamond Platinumz. Diamond is always in the news for either releasing new music or for his many relationship issues. Now, there’s suspicion over the singer’s well being.

A recent video shared by a controversial Tanzanian blogger, Mange Kiamambi showed the singer acting very unusual while in an interview. The Bongo star was seen acting paranoid, restless and generally weird while answering questions. The blogger who is based in Los Angeles, California claimed that the Tanzanian star was on hard drugs.

She wrote;

Something is wrong with this guy, I don’t know if someone else has noted. As if he is paranoid, he is scared as if there are voices he is hearing inside his head. I think he is using drugs. (Something is wrong na huyu kijana, sijui kama kuna mtu mwingine amenote. Kama yuko paranoid hivi, anastuka Yani kama kuna voices anazisikia inside his head. I think anatumia drugs.).

The blogger has since taken down the video which has already created a lot buzz online.

Now, speaking out on behalf of Diamond in an interview with Wasafi FM on Monday, his lawyer, Tale said;

Diamond is overworking, there was a viral video, he was doing an interview at the same time Rayvanny was rocking on stage which stole his attention, people only misinterpreted his actions. (Diamond anajiover dose. Kuna clip inasambaa Diamond anafanya ivi (shows how Diamond was looking up) alikuwa nahojiwa na Bongo Five wakati Rayvanny anatimua vumbi on stage, so Diamond anaangalia show halafu anajibu swali watu wakatafsiri kivyao..haezi kuwa sawa),”

He also agreed that the singer needs a doctor to monitor his health.

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