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Comedian Jokes About XXXTentacion’s Murder, Comedy Central Pulls Down Video

Comedy Central will not be airing a comedy skit that joked about rapper, XXXTentacion‘s murder and has pulled down the video.

The video that went viral showed comic, Dina Hashem making light of the rapper’s murder and asking if anyone was still mourning him before going to say that the first thing that came to her mind was how good the murder story will look in an ad.

Her words in the skit read: “Is anyone still mourning XXXTentacion? He’s a rapper, who was murdered, he’s dead now. He was shot, he was on his way to buy a car with $50,000 in cash and somebody shot him and took the money. Which is very tragic, but I also think it would be a very good Venmo commercial. That’s the first thing I thought when I heard that. Like, ‘I don’t have Venmo, I should get Venmo.'”

That has since sparked a lot of outrage with fans and friends of the late rapper coming after her and Comedy Central as a whole and asking if they now joke about murder.

Well, the comedian herself took so much fire over this that she had no option but to post an explanation and then announce that the video would not be aired.

That didn’t read like an apology though and fans were quick to point that out that while she tried to explain it away, she still did not apologise and this may just come back to haunt her later on but for now, they can be happy that at least, the joke won’t air.

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