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Chon – Chon

Progressive rock band, Chon have come through with yet another album, their first since 2017 when they gave us “Homey” and it is long overdue and titled after the band name “Chon”.

The band are currently on a tour and have already toured with Circa Survive, Coheed, Cambria and did justice to this new project that is the major thing we are receiving from them since 2017. They are in fact still promoting and getting positive reception to their last two projects but this new one will be well received too especially as they put a lot of heart and energy into this.

The band has members like Nathan Camarena, Esiah Camarena, Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel and have been doing well so far and on this project, showed that they can maintain that streak over an even larger body of work.

Reviewers have already described the new project as one of their best yet even if it did show some repetition in style but then, you can’t exactly rule that out in a work this enormous.

“Peace”, “Petal”, “Ghost” are some of the standout songs in the project and join an array of top songs like “Perfect Pillow”, “Waterslide”, “Sleepy Tea”, “Story” and more that the band has released in the past and we love the amazingness packed into this new project and having listened recommend listening to it as well.

To have a taste of the songs on this new project, feel free to stream and do share your comments with us in the comments section.

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