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“Bow Wow broke Ciara’s finger years ago” – Erica Mena Alleges

For some time now, Hollywood has been surrounded by stories of cheating scandals and alleged abuse mostly leveled against men. Surprisingly, there seems to be a new one each day.

This time, the finger’s at Rapper and Tv Host, Bow Wow, whose long time ex, Erica Mena claims “broke Ciara’s finger”.

Erica has been in the news for cheating scandals leveled against her very controversial boyfriend, Safaree Samuels. Now she’s backing abuse claims leveled against her ex-boyfriend, Bow Wow.

The rapper’s other ex, Kiyomi Leslie claims Bow caused her miscarriage. According to her, he punched her in the stomach and caused her to miscarry, and his mom knew all about it.

Funny thing is, Leslie previously told Bossip that she miscarried due to stress. Now, she’s changed her story to abuse. Here’s a bit of what she said on twitter;

“Bro some n***as you wish you never got involved with. Lord that n***a is corn BALL. He keep telling lies on my name and imma embarrass you, your momma, and everybody you deal with! PROMISE.”

“Bet he wont tell y’all the police had been called out more than one occasion and his family lied & covered for him that time. He beat me while I was pregnant. Punched me in my stomach & all… lost my baby and still covered for the weak a** n***a”

When a Shaderoom commenter pointed out Erica had previously spoken about Bow Wow’s abusive behavior, she replied;

“I’m a tough girl so my story was never the truth but y’all see how round 4 played out. He broke Ciara finger years ago, so this been going on.”

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