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Boogie – Rainy Days Ft. Eminem

While the Hip Hop world welcomes almost any promising refrain, rapper Boogie’s new song Rainy Days featuring Eminem seems to be getting a different kind of reception. Most people were very eager for Boogie’s hot new album Everything’s For Sale especially now that it featured Shady records’ CEO, Eminem in the song Rainy Days.

However, after the release of the song a couple of hours ago, hip hop aficionados are already roasting Eminem’s verse in the banger. To the disappointment of many, Eminem’s output in the song was somewhat too wordy and second-rate to Boogie’s rap in the banger.

On his end, the Drowning hitmaker explained that his intention was not to steal the show from Eminem in Rainy Days. In an interview with Billboard, Boogie explained that he looks up to Eminem because he changed his life by signing him. All the same, the mockery on Rain Days still continues. One particular line that really caused an uproar on Twitter is Eminem’s line:

“I left my legacy hurt? F*ckin’ absurd / Like a shepherd havin’ sex with his sheep, f*ck what you heard”

The said line actually leaves everyone wondering what was on the rapper’s mind as he wrote down something like that. Just about a day ago comedian Chris Delia did an eccentric Eminem impression that went viral. So lit!

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