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Bella and Gigi Hadid mourned by the death of their grandmother

Bella and Gigi Hadid mourn the death of their maternal grandmother Ans van den Herik on Instagram. Both models shared a last tribute with emotion.

The Hadid family is going through a difficult period. Yolanda Hadid lost her mother, Ans van den Herik. The family announced the bad news on Instagram, making a vibrant tribute to their mom, their grandmother. Sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid shared a long, emotional message to express their grief. “She gave me strength, taught me gratitude, grace, love … I can not believe I will never hold her in my arms again, but I’m happy to the idea of ​​imagining it flying, all up there, with our Opa, happy in the sky. ”

Gigi Hadid shared photos of her and Ans van den Herik’s Moments of joy ” OUR QUEEN ANGEL fought cancer six times in her life with courage, strength, and grace while being the greatest mother and grandmother. She is an honorable guide we will carry with us forever. We love you more than words, our beautiful wonderful Oma. “, writes Gigi Hadid.

“We’ll meet again someday”

Yolanda Hadid, the daughter of the deceased, shared her extreme sadness. “RIP my guardian angel Mama,
“Thank you for loving me the way the way that you did and for making me the woman that I am today.
On angel wings you were taken away, but in my heart you will always stay….. I can not imagine this life without you but I pray that I will hear you whisper in the tallest trees and feel your love in the gentle breeze… When I miss you the most, our beautiful memories will hold you close… Our Love is eternal and you will always be with me and i will always be with you beyond the bounds of this realm
Rest In Peace my beautiful mama, I will honor you for the rest of my days….. Until we meet again,
I LOVE YOU, “Yolanda Hadid writes.

Real estate agent Mohamed Hadid, former husband of Yolanda Hadid and daddy of Bella and Gigi, also shared a vibrant tribute on social networks. “Please, say hello to my mother Khair, we love you,” he wrote with an open heart.

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