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Azealia Banks Attacked On Swedish Flight



Rapper Azaelia Banks attacked on Swedish flight by a fellow passenger.

Whenever American rapper Azaelia Banks makes the news, it is always about something controversial or outright crazy. This time around, there are no two sides to the story so we’ll let you judge.

In a recent video (which has since been deleted) uploaded to her instagram account, Banks can be seen in an altercation with a fellow passenger aboard a Swedish flight. She’s heard saying that the white lady in the back said she was having sex with her boyfriend (who isn’t really seen in the video). A flight attendant tries to settle the ruckus while Azaelia is busy filming what’s happening. At some point, it looks like flight attendant tries to stop the rapper from filming when her hand hits Azaelia who can be heard saying “OMG she just hit me”.


The video has since been deleted but comments from social media users have not been so supportive. Sentences like “I really hate this b***h” “AB is nothing but a troll. I bet she lays in bed at night thinking up ways to get media attention. I hope somebody dog walk her ass.” and “This whore has a lot of talent and all she does is f**k shyt; all day everyday.” can be seen in the comments section where the video was uploaded.

Seems the world is tired of Azaelia‘s drama who’s known to constantly troll other female celebrities especially Cardi B. She constantly claims that Cardi steals her drip all the time.