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Arin Ray’s New Single “Change” Ft Kehlani 




singer, Arin Ray has just dropped a new collabrative track ‘Change‘ featuring Bay Area songstress, Kehlani

Ray, who has been away from the music scene for some time, is not only back, but also fully recharged and more than ready to display his singing abilities and creativity.

A strong hit from the opening verse, the single’s lyrical content focuses on the changing stages of a relationship and the need for one to stay and make up their mind on what they want.

“Only You,” Kehlani sings about a breakup that ends with a makeup. “‘Cause thinking of you, it’s all I do / Honestly, I might go insane,” Ray sings. “‘Cause when we break up, can’t wait to make up / Girl, you know some things will never change.”

Admitting he’s a huge fan of Kehlani’s music, which is why the collaboration is really special to him, Arin wrote on Instagram:

“This is a few years in the making, always been a big fan of everything this woman does. aside from the records, I just love who is and what stands for. this my homie for real for real lol.

Kehlani also took to Instagram to reveal that the collaboration is her favorite.

This is the favorite collaboration I’ve done in a long time. I fuckin love this song. glad we finally did this. real friends real love”, wrote.

Reports have it that the video for “Change” has been shot and is expected to drop soon.

Watch the video below:

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