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Akon Talks Eminem’s Studio Work Ethic

Akon narrates Eminem‘s studio work ethic.

With back to back releases and three new albums scheduled to drop next month, plus one more in December, Akon has risen again and pushing his new music hard. The singer who hit the music scene in the early 2000s has earned quite a name for himself and his music has made an impression around the world.

In 2006, the singer released the very successful single, Smack That off his second studio album, Konvicted. The song was assisted by veteran American rapper, Eminem who did justice to it and it became one Akon‘s biggest hits. The track tore through the charts and peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Out to promote his new music, the singer was a featured guest on Hot 97‘s The Morning Show where he had a chat with Ebro. There, Akon shared some of his experiences with iconic artists including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Eminem, Quincy Jones and more. He also spoke about working with the rap god on Smack That.

While talking about Em, he hilariously narrated the rapper’s studio routine which he said consists of 9-5s.

According to him, the veteran rapper comes to the studio at 9am in the morning, takes an hour long break later in the day, and goes back home at 5 pm. He also said the routine never changes no matter what stage the song he’s recording is at.

Akon has released two new tracks, Como No ft. Becky G and Can’t Say No. The singer is set to drop three new albums next month.

Watch the full video interview below:

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