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According to Feds, R. Kelly’s Medical Records Show That He Has An STD

The R. Kelly trial, both in court and in the media continues. The update now is that the medical records of the R&B singer rapper showed that he has an STD, if reports attributed to the feds are to be believed.

Recall that some people had accused R. Kelly of infecting them with STDs, a claim that his lawyers have rejected and denied but which may now be proved to be true. Even now, with the report from the feds, his lawyers continue to deny that it’s not true.

A report on the issue from Bossip read that: “In an Aug. 15 letter to Kelly’s lawyers, Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said her office had Kelly’s health and medical records from Walgreens, University Health Systems and Urgent Care, adding weight to the claim that Kelly had knowingly infected at least one woman with the herpes virus.”

Looks like Kelly‘s lawyer’s tactics is to deny everything right now though as even though the singer is behind bars right now awaiting trial, they are still insisting that even court records do not mean a thing.

Bossip reported that: “Besides Kelly’s medical information, Geddes said the government had receipts for hotel stays, Ubers, bank records for both Kelly and his employees and airline receipts for Kelly and his alleged victims that prove he transported them from state to state.”

Well, no amount of denial can really save him right now. What matters is the fact and as long as the feds are able to continue linking him to events, he may find it difficult to get out of this without serving time.

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