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A$AP Rocky Might Spend 6 More Days in Prison Even as Protests Intensify




It has emerged that A$AP Rocky will spend a few more days in prison as a court in Stockholm has approved a request by the prosecution to hold him for at least six more days.

A$AP Rocky was detained alongside two of his companions on July 5 following a street altercation in which he was said to have punched a man. His detention, it was said, was to enable prosecutors investigate the incident.

What began as a street altercation has morphed into an international incident, with statesmen and musicians weighing in. In fact the United States Government has gotten involved as well, in a bid to ensure A$AP Rocky is treated fairly and released as soon as possible.

The United States Government got involved, it is reported, when Kim Kardashian-West tabled the subject. Rapper Kanye West reportedly told his wife Kim Kardashian to call Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, to see what could be done to secure A$AP Rocky’s release.

Thereafter President Trump reportedly directed Secretary of State Pompeo to work with the Swedish authorities to ensure A$AP Rocky is treated fairly.

Kim Kardashian-West took to Twitter later to thank the president, the secretary of state, and others involved in the plan to get A$AP Rocky home as soon as possible.

On the music front, the likes of Justin Bieber, Diddy and even Tyler, The Creator have also taken up the cause for A$AP Rocky’s freedom.

Justin Bieber and Diddy both shared petitions on their Instagram pages, calling for A$AP Rocky’s release, as well as asking fans to sign the petition at

For Tyler, The Creator it is a complete it is a complete break from Sweden – or so he said on Twitter.

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