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50 Cent And Snoop Dogg Troll 6ix9ine

50 Cent and Snoop Dogg troll Tekashi 6ix9ine on social media.

Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s recent trials may have recorded wins for the prosecutor’s he keeps helping but it severed some of his high profile friendships in the music scene. The rapper was mostly recently denied by rapper and Power Exec 50 Cent who said in a radio interview that he wouldn’t pick his calls even if he tries to call from prison. He said, “He’s his mother’s child now. After you do shit like that. Youre your mama’s child. Don’t call me”.

The Fefe rapper was once considered a protégé by the In Da Club hit maker.

After snitching on the members of his former crew, and mentioning a few rappers as gang members in his ongoing trial, 69 has earned himself the nickname Snitch9ine. His incessant snitching has also received widespread backlash among artists in the music business who have all denounced their relationship with him.

Tekashi‘s former pal, Fif took to Instagram and shared a meme of a sketch of the rapper. In the meme, the judge asks “Is that all?” to which he replies “…and Tommy killed Angela Valdez“. The meme made reference to two of the main characters in Power executive-produced by 50.

Snoop on the other hand has continually shown his disgust at the young rapper’s recent court shenanigans. He also shared a photo of the rapper in court with the caption “I’m tellin’ on everybody!! Snoop ain’t a real dog. Trix ain’t just for kids. We knew about the hit on Mufasa ahead of time. Cardi B’s real name is Carlos. And R. Kelly peed on me too”. The caption was accompanied by rat emojis.

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The rapper also shared another meme which defined the acronym S.N.I.T.C.H. as “Sorry N***a I’m Tryna Come Home.”

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