Milli is building Nigeria’s modern cult following

Everything about the Milli brand is striking. His rebellion against Chocolate City resounds with our need for freedom. His artistic aggression thugs at our spirits and sets us alive, so also does his music, which appears far from being the […]

5 ways to get coverage without a publicist

Networking goes a long way. Establish relationships not only with members of the press but also with fans, music lovers and potential investors.
One of the key people you need in your career as an artiste is a
publicist. If […]

How the music you listen to is made in Nigeria

If you are currently reading this now, and eager to learn about the knowledge contained in this page, then chances are that you listen to music in many forms and are open to what goes on behind the scenes.
Music […]

Why you should drop a mixtape

Most artists take time off between album releases; and to keep the buzz going some release mixtapes in between their last album release and upcoming release to stay relevant and create a buzz.
A mixtape is a collection of music […]

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